iPLUS™ Laser-Ultrasonic Systems

What is iPLUS™ and what are the benefits?

iPLUS™ is a laser-ultrasonic technology for the inspection of polymer-matrix composites. iPLUS™ uses a short-pulse CO2 laser to generate ultrasound by thermal expansion in the composite and a second laser coupled to an interferometer to detect the resulting pulse-echo ultrasonic signals.

With iPLUS™ technology, the composite part is the source of the ultrasonic wave. Therefore, with angles of incidence as high as 45-degrees, the ultrasonic wave is launched inside the composite perpendicular to the part surface. The ensuing ultrasonic signals are interpreted exactly like those obtained using conventional piezoelectric transducers.

iPLUS™ technology is highly flexible and can inspect a wide array of parts, ranging from simple flat parts to the most complex, within minutes. iPLUS™ is beneficial for highly complex parts such as double curvature fuselage structures, stringers, and tight-radius parts.


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